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Mike Wye & Associates Ltd   






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Mike Wye & Associates Ltd




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Mike Wye & Associates Ltd



   Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings







National Society of Master Thatchers


A.P. Osmond Master Thatchers  -  south west




   Period timber frame specialists

   B Mulford Historic Carpentry  -   southwest



   Property Repair Systems

   Structural Timber Beams - repairing  fungal decay with minimum loss of original wood

            - how to quickly repair joists and beams of any size

             - how to repair timbers in buildings without wrecking the place



 John Partridge  - Oak timber frame specialist

    Nationwide professional timber frame restoration and conservation based in the Midlands



   Heritage House

   Specialists in the restoration and care of older properties



Heritage craftsmen

    Woodlouse  -  southwest



   Lime & Listed        Historic building consultants  - South



Oxford Lime Mortar

  Specialists in the Conservation of Buildings using Traditional Materials

   Sean wheatley period plastering specialist



    Mike Wye & Associates Ltd




  Conservation bodies


   Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings     





   Institute of Historic Building Conservation



    Independent timber & damp advice

        - how to kill and prevent woodworm and death watch beetle   - how to cure and prevent Dry Rot


Discover the true cause of dampness



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    Click here to watch videos showing the correct way to restore pointing in old walls

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